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پنجشنبه, 28 ژانويه 2021
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Introduction & history

The impact of family in the destiny of individual and society on one hand and the impact of social and technological changes on the structure of society, human behaviors, and family show the necessity of conducting constant research on the problems of family.

Education and family are those social structures that have a bearing on each other, while at the same time they are both affected by social political and technological issues.

The interaction between parents and teachers is an important issue and not paying enough attention to this facet of constant interaction in the field of education has caused a host of problems for both of them in recent years. Though the growth of research centers in recent decades has been obvious, the lack of research on teacher-parent co-operation in the light of sociology is rare. The Family Research Institute (FRI) is established to address this problem too.


The FRI officially started its activity after obtaining a formal agreement from the Ministry of Higher Education in 1997. The FRI consists of 3 Departments:

1. Family Education
2. Family Counseling
 3. Sociology of Family.