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پنجشنبه, 28 ژانويه 2021
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Major Research Conducts



Major research conducted during the past five years

A- Completed research
1-A Study on the Standard of Counseling in Family Counseling Centers of Parent - Teacher Associations-2003
2- A Survey on the Major Factors Enriching the Activities of Parent-Teacher Associations-2003
3-Knowledge and Attitude of Parents towards Drug Abuse-2004
4-Parents Educational Needs of Students at three Educational levels- 2004
5-The Validation of the Comprehensive Plan on Parent- Teacher Co-operation from Experts Standpoint - 2004
6- Differences in the Outlook of Parents, Schools towards Values and a Comparison of these Outlooks with that of Students in Tehran High Schools-2005
7-Educational Needs of Principals and Counselors of Guidance and Counseling Centers in the Country-2005
8-Meta-Analysis of the Completed Researches Conducted in the Area of Family -2005
9-A Survey on the Condition of Leisure Time in Parent-Teacher Views at High Schools in Tehran-2005
10- A Survey on the Elections of Parent-Teacher Associations in Principals, Association Members, and Experts View-2006
11- A Survey on the Educational Maxims Relevant to Principles of Family Education-2006
12- Recognizing the Major Problems Confronting Iranian Families-2006
13- Comparative Study between the Co-operation of Parents and Teachers in the Iranian Educational System and Five other Countries-2006
14- Assessment of Family Counseling Plan according to C.I.P.P Model-2008
15- Study of Social Problems in Education from Teacher-Parent Point of View-2008
16- Study of the Existent Condition of Parent-Teacher Associations-2008