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پنجشنبه, 28 ژانويه 2021
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Curriculum Vitae


Name: Dehghan Hossein

Date of Birth: 1964

Nationality: Iranian




Panjab University, India        

Ph.D. Scholar in sociology                                                                                      2010

Dissertation: "The Impact of ICT on Social Capital and the Effect of Social Capital on Educational Achievement"


Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran

M.A in Social Research                                                                                          1995

Area of Concentration: Social Research

Thesis: "Relation between Socioeconomic Status and Educational Performance"


Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran

M.A in Sociology                                                                                                     1988




Islamic Azad University of Iran  

Lecturer – “Sociology of Education",                                                          2002 - 2008

"Social Stratification and Inequality",

"Computer Applications in the Social Research."




Articles in Persian


  • "Spatial Inequality in IT", Quarterly Journal of Education, Vol. 23, no. 3 (Autumn 2007) PP. 125 - 163.
  • "ICT and Gender Inequality – Opportunities and Threats in Education", Journal of Social Sciences (Ferdowsi University of Mashad), Vol. 1, no. 3 (Winter 2004), pp. 145 - 182.
  • "Expressive Values of Education as a Factor of Increasing Human Capital and National Development", Quarterly Journal of Education, no. 78, (Summer 2004).
  • "Effect of Educational System on National Development beyond Human Capital Theory", Iranian Association for Sociology of Education Bulletin, (2003).
  • "Reproduction of Social Class by Educational System", Nameh Pajohesh, (2003).
  • "Culture and Education, Discussion about Cultural Capital, Educational Achievement and Reproductive Structure of Social Spaces", Roshd Olom Ejtemaie, periodical, new series, number 3, (2002).
  • "Ethnic Identity and National Consensus", Roshd Olom Ejtemaie, periodical, new series, no. 2, (2001).
  • "Effective Factors on Behavior Formation (focused on behavior of energy consumer)," The first congress on culture, education and efficacious energy, efficacious Organization in Iran, (2000).


Books in Persian

  • The Impact of Media on Participation. Tehran: Academy of Scientific Studies in Education, 2009.
  • Education and New Discourses. Tehran: Institute for Educational Research (IER), 2004.
  • Education and National Development. Tehran: Institute for Educational Research (IER), 2002.



"A Sociological Study about IT Development in Iranian Ministry of Education"     2003


"Relation between Inequality of Educational Opportunity and Educational Performance among Female Students in Tehran. 1999


“A Study about Public Universities Students’ Delinquency in Iran and Their Effective Causes"         1996


"The Effect of Unleaded Gasoline on the Behavioral Patterns of Consumers"                         1995



Qualitativ e Method


Data Analysis Using SPSS Software in Research Process


Various Research Techniques in Social Survey