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جمعه, 27 نوامبر 2020
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News > Norouz named as Internatioanl Day of Peace

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Norouz named as Internatioanl Day of Peace

With adoption of a resolution in the United Nations, Norouz was named as International Day of Peace.

The resolution was adopted in consensus by member states of the UN.
In a joint initiative with Azerbaijan Republic, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, Iran’s permanent representative to the United Nations, prepared the resolution. Thes countries celebrate the day as a national day.
India , Albania and Macedonia also joined the resolution sponsors before voting.
Norouz Day was approved in the UN General Assembly on its February 23, 2010 meeting in New York in the framework of “Peace Culture.”
Iran’s deputy head of representative office and Ambassador to the UN, Ishaq Al-Habib presented the resolution to the General Assembly and pointed out that commemorating Norouz is honoring one of the exalted goals of the UN, which is strengthening world peace through respecting national cultures, world cultural heritage and cultural diversities.
He added that Norouz is not just a day in the calendars, but is a deep-rooted culture which brings hope, peace and happiness to millions of human beings on earth.
The Iranian diplomat went on to say that Norouz was founded in Pars land and during centuries, it became a common day for millions of people in India, Central Asia, Middle East, Caucasus, Balkan, Black Sea area and many other regions in the world.
Now, more than 300 million population honor this day all around the globe.

New York, UN, Feb 24, IRNA

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