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News > 73% of schools to take part in national achievement tests

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73% of schools to take part in national achievement tests

Kyodo News

About 73 percent of all elementary and junior high schools nationwide will undertake national achievement tests in April, many voluntarily, as the universal scope of the annual exam is scaled back, the education ministry said Thursday.

The total number of schools participating in the April 20 tests stood at 23,891 as of the end of February. The tally was boosted as 13,891 schools — 42.5 percent of all schools or 61 percent of unselected schools — opted to take part voluntarily, on top of 10,000 selected schools, the Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry said.

Many schools and boards of education appear willing to continue keeping tabs on their students academic performance, although only selected schools are required to take part in the math and Japanese language tests from the 2010 school year, ministry officials said.

The reduction in scale of the tests for elementary school sixth-graders and junior high school third-graders, reinstated in 2007 after a 43-year hiatus, is the result of lingering criticism that they would spur excessive competition among schools and regions.

In addition, when all schools participated, it took several months for test results to come out, making it difficult for schools to make use of the results to improve teaching, Senior Vice Education Minister Kan Suzuki said.

While 79.2 percent of national schools and 74.6 percent of other public schools will take part, only 23.9 percent of private schools will do so, according to the ministry.

The Japan Times,

Friday, March 5, 2010

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