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يكشنبه, 24 ژانويه 2021
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News > 28 countries participating in Islamic nations section of Qur’an Exhibit

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28 countries participating in Islamic nations section of Qur’an Exhibit

The section, which has attracted many visitors, reviews the cultural differences and similarities as well as Qur’anic production of the Muslim nations.
Participating countries include Indonesia, Nigeria, Comoro, Ivory Coast, China, Thailand, Madagascar, Sudan, Mauritania, Guinea, Kenya, Gambia, Tanzania, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia, India, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan Republic, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
Director of the International section of the event said that some 25 Qur’anic artists and researchers from 15 Muslim countries will take part in the section that will be held from Ramadan 10-17.
Mehrdad Rakhshandeh added that the section with make the visitors acquainted with the Qur’anic arts of the other countries.
Of course this section is different from Islamic nations’ culture section, he noted.
He also said that minister and government officials from Azerbaijan Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Bosnia, Germany, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Tunisia will attend the exhibition upon the invitation of the Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini.

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