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In the Name of God, the Compassionate the Merciful
First name and Surname: Hajar Tahriri Niksefat

Birth date: 1343 (1964)
Birth place: Rasht (Iran)
Married with two children
Academic Records:
• High School Diploma in Empirical Branch
• Post-Secondary Degree in Primary Education
• B.A., Primary Education; Islamic Azad University- Rasht
• B.A., Administration and Planning; Payame Noor University- Rasht
• M.A., History and Philosophy of Education; Islamic Azad University- Tehran
• Ph.D., Philosophy of Education; Science and Research Unit of Islamic Azad University- Tehran
• Seminary Education; up to Preparatory (2.5 years, as correspondence student, Az-zahra (s) Islamic Seminary, Qom)
Research Activities and Background:
• Member, Educational Research Council of Guilan province
• Member, Specialized Committee, Educational Research Council of Guilan province
• Supervisor to several research projects
• Authority in charge of reviewing research projects proposed by General Directorate of Culture and Islamic Guidance, and administered by university professors’ Basij, Guilan province
• Teaching "Research Method", "Assessment and Measurement", and "Research Guidance" subjects at B.A. level
• Conducting the research project "Validation and Reliance of MMPI Psychological Test" in Guilan province
• Research colleague in the research project "Studying Students Compatibility in Social, Emotional and Educational Aspects as well as the Effective Factors on that, at all Three Levels of Education Throughout the Country", Guilan province
• Compiling several ready to print papers with titles such as: Disasters, examination and construction- Management in Nahjulbalagheh- Divine decree and human imposition- Backgrounds and equipments in human development- Orphans in Islam ….
Dissertation Titles:
• Invisibleness from Koran and Narratives Views, M.A. dissertation
• Methods of Oneself Development in Nahjulbalagheh, Ph.D. thesis
Educational, Executive and Legislative Activities and Background:
• Formal employee of Education Organization of Guilan province, since 1362 (1983)
• Teaching at primary and secondary levels of education
• Counselor in consulting center
• Scientific editor to Norouz Peik (courier)
• Secretary of the Country Wide and Throughout Secretariat for Koran and Religious Education
• Head, Education Group of Teacher Training
• Teaching in teacher training and teachers in-service higher education centers
• Educator for teaching Shahed families
• Part-time faculty member of Islamic Azad University
• Supervisor to Ph.D. students
• Teaching Islamic Moral Education, by the authority from Supreme Leader’s Delegation in universities
• Teaching in Shahabadi and Haj Samii Islamic Seminaries in Rasht
• Authority in charge of Sisters’ Unit of Supreme Leader’s Delegation in Islamic Azad Universities, Guilan province
• Cultural Counselor to General Director of Islamic Republic Broadcasting in Guilan province
• Member of Executive Board for the Soroush Art Workshop, Guilan province
• Member of interviewing group for scientific competency of teachers in Koran and Religious Education subjects
• Judge to Distinguished Teaching Patterns Festival
• Member of interviewing group for selecting family counselors
• Head of educators’ Basij, Imam Ali (A) Teacher Training Center
• Member of Parliament, Seventh Cycle of Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majlis)
• Deputy-Chairman of Education and Research Commission, Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majlis), for 4 years
• Member of Research and Technology Committee, Education and Research Commission
• Member of Board of Trustees, Guilan University
• Member of Board of Trustees, Science and Technology Park, District number 1
• Head, Board of Trustees, Poorsina Hospital, Rasht
Member of Deputy Ministers Council
Member of Higher Council of Education
Member of Commission on Setting Policies and Goals, Higher Council of Education
• Member of Planning Coordination Group for Country’s Teacher Training
• Member of Education Commission, Higher Council of Cultural Revolution
• Islamic Republic of Iran Representative to the International Association for Evaluation of Educational Assessment (IEA)
• Member of Coordination Council, Organization of Research and Educational Planning
• Member of Research Council, Research Institute of Educational Planning
• Member of Bureau for Improving Teachers’ Training and Professional Skills
• Member of Commission on Formulating National Curriculum
• Member of Consultative Council to the Headquarter for Fundamental Change in Education
• Member of Board in Supporting Theorization, Critique and Debate Professorship
• Member of Headquarter for Cooperation between Education and Islamic Seminary
• Member of National Elite Foundation, Bureau of Creation and Innovation Affairs
• Member of Research Specialist Teamwork on Preparing Fifth Social, Economic and Cultural Development Plan
• Member of Teamwork on Article 138 of the Constitution
• Member of Deliberation Council for Teachers Problems
Member of Scientific Board for the Conference on Fundamental change in Education
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