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چهارشنبه, 22 ژانويه 2020
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News > Increase in number of Iran\s science products

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Increase in number of Iran\s science products

A total of 7,685 of scientific documents were produced in Iran in 2009, head of Regional Center for Science and Technology Information announced here on Monday.
Compared with 2006, there was about 12.5% increase in number of Iran\s science products, Jafar Mehrdad said, explaining that the number reached 7,685 in 2009 from 6,830 in 2006, MNA reported.
He said that compared to other developing countries, the Islamic Republic of Iran alongside Turkey, Brazil, South Africa, Malaysia, and South Korea have had outstanding achievements in scientific arenas.
There were great developments in number, quality, and quantity of Iranian scientific researches and articles cited in international journals and indexed by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI), Mehrdad said.
According to ISI, Iranian researchers and scientific figures have published a total of 60,979 science products in international journals in the last 19 years, Mehrdad noted, adding that Iran\s total rate of science products were respectively 9,158 and 13,569 in 2007 and 2008.

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